What Is a Bunkie?

What Is a Bunkie?


Tiny Houses Are Trending

The popularity of Tiny Houses has been growing consistently for the past decade. In a survey by Fidelity National subsidiary IPX1031 in 2020, more than half of people responded that they would live in a tiny house.

2 men passing a 2x4 wood up a ladder onto a wooden tiny house that they are building in the woods

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost?

Costs of Tiny Houses ranges by state. While averaging closer to 30k in some states, locations such as Hawaii average costs have been around $150,000. However,Tiny House Tom has the secret to building a high quality Tiny House for well under $20,000. 

Bunkie Life Has Quality Affordable Tiny Houses 

Bunkie Life is a Tiny House brand that provides prefabricated kits that are affordable and easy to assemble. While it is possible to build them yourself, Tiny House Tom offers affordable delivery and professional construction to ensure that your Tiny House will last for many years.

Bunkie Life Catalog

Tiny House Tom is reviewing the building instructions for a Bunkie Life Tiny House with a carpenter

Learning More About My Tiny House Project

Tiny House Tom has a YouTube video series that goes over tips, tricks, common mistakes and fun ideas for your next Tiny House project. His years of experience and research are a huge asset. He is available for consultation and can provide an estimate for your next Tiny House Project!



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