Deciding to Build a Tiny House

Deciding to Build a Tiny House

Is a Tiny House for you?

It seems like they are awesome, right? Like the photos online look great! But they always do online. How can you really know until you see one?
man pointing at tiny house in woods

Tiny House Display Models

Well, you can come out to my farm and take a look! I have a custom built tiny house on the property and a Bunkie. So you can make an appointment and come out and take a tour of the farm and stand in one and ask me all the questions you’d like to ask.
red tiny house in the woods surrounded by green trees

Deciding to Build a Tiny House

This is a big investment and you’d be crazy to buy one without seeing them in person. So if you have any interest, don’t be shy! Come on out!
man inside log cabin style tiny house


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